snack items:

quality chocolate manufactured by a local chocolatier

premium chocolates (Lindor Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, etc.)

Large dark chocolate bars with 70% (100 g.)

Ritter and Brookside Chocolates

Chocolate wafers Manner

Excel gum, Certs, Halls, Werther’s Original candies, assorted candies



various granola bars

protein bars, bars with fiber

Chips Health (Plantain, Viva, Popchip, Buggles, Lay’s Baked)

Larger chips formats (normally can not be inserted into vending machines)

Pringles (37 g. Or even 160 g.)

dry soups

Crackers GueuleThon Clover Leaf

individual packages of cereal for breakfast


Beef Jerkey

Popcorn in the microwave

assorted nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts, trail mix, etc.)

Candy and nuts for hanging (larger bags) – Licorice

All most popular items from a vending machine