Our mission

Combining high technologies of the modern world, Pure Pause wishes to contribute to the health, comfort and quality of life of employees working in various workplaces. A healthy break, without moving, to be fresh and ready to work and back home!

Our values

The human dimension is at the center of the supply and the rationale of the company. Pure Pause will listen to the needs of its customers, especially by adapting the product offering available in each micromarkets. Respect for people, our customer satisfaction, the establishment of sustainable and harmonious relations and management of our resources and products to very high quality standards are the foundation of all our interventions.  Mindful of the importance of redistributing wealth in our community, part of the profits will be returned to our customers in various forms. Pure Pause is committed to making thoughtful choices to run your micro-market by minimizing its environmental impact and consistency with the principles of sustainable development.